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21 October 2007 @ 12:05 pm
YEY so finally a break from school. Eventhough i have so much work to do over the week at least i can sit and watch the t.v while doing it.

Who like my new layout?
I THINK IT IS AMAZING! Holli made it for me  itsdjdangaa she's amazing! :] THANK YOU HOLLI

So what's every1 been up too? I saw resident evil 3 yesteraday, it was better than i thought but still  i wouldnt watch it again.

Anyways this week i should have more time to make some graphics so ill post them when i make some.


14 October 2007 @ 12:42 pm
I have figured out LJ!  Eventually managed to added friends with the help of Holli.....thank you! :)
Well life right now.....meh.

Homework is overloaded! Just feel like crap right now basically but never mind.
You know when just nothing is working out for you? Well thats happening. I just cant wait to get older and move away....i need to get out of this place before i go crazy!
My mam noticed i was acting different and she wanted to "talk" but its just stupid! It will be a lecture about how i am wrong and blah blah blah.
The only people i could talk to were my cousins and now they have gone.....i guess some of this is because i miss them :(

Grrr why cant life just work?

On the up side:

Dylan + Cole are singing on a new disney song <3

I will put some of my graphics up soon for yall to see. Im not good but i like making them :)
Well im off to my nans now so ill update when something exciting happens in my life.......never gonna happen.

Bye XD xx

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11 October 2007 @ 06:47 pm

So i just started live journal and i have to say its complicated at first....dont laugh!
So why do i decide to get LJ?
Well for starts myspace is getting way too boring, people who i met and talked to on myspace dont go on as much and its not much fun anymore but still if you have a myspazzzz add me on there:


Also find me on SBFC


Some people on there are really mean but it doesnt stop me going on and talking to all me buddies! And those jerks who go on like 2 year olds are not going to stop me supporting Dylan + Cole <3
and im not afraid to admit it :]

And on SF [Altho im not on there much]

Chels loves a sprouse

Im pretty sure im the first person in my school to have a LJ....how special is that?
Well sorry i wasted 2 minutes of your life :]

More soon........when i figure this stupid thing out!


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